IFKS Newsletter 2019 was published.

Dear Members!
The annual newsletter is published in mid-September of that year, but we apologize for the fact that issue Nr. 20 was delayed for various reasons. Shipped abroad by airmail on October 31st.

We hope you are interested.

Greeting of IFKS administrative direktor / Toshinori Ishihara (English & Japanese)

Beimfohr /Introduction, Piano Concertos in C-major of Beethoven (op.15) and Kuhlaus (op.7) (Japanese)
You can read German in these page . <<Beimpfor Addendum>>

Friedrich Kuhlau – Sein Weg von Uelzen nach Kopenhagen
Musikalische Soiree mit biographischen Splittern
von Eckhard Lange
(German and Japnese)

The Voice of Members
*Kyle Dzapo (English and Japanese)
*Shigeko Tohjoh (Japanese)
*Eriko Mercure Yamaki (Japanese)
*Nanae Kimura (Japanese)

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