The 2nd Kuhlau Festival in Tokyo 2015 was ended

The 2nd Kuhlau Festival was held 2 days in Tokyo.
International Friedrich Kuhlau Society (IFKS) celebrates the 15th anniversary this year.

10 October (Saturday) Ohji Hall in Ginza
11 October (Sunday) Dai-ichi Seimei Hall in Harumi

The first day (10/10) is the concert by IKFS members. (12:00~21:00)
The second day (11/10) is rhe performance of Drama "Elves Hill".(14:00~17:00)

09:00~11:30 Rehearsal
12:00~16:00 Concert (first stage)
16:00~17:00 Break
17:00~21:00 Concert (second stage)

You can see this concert. <click>

09:00~12:30 Rehearsal
14:00~17:00 Drama "Elves Hil"

You can see this concert. <click>

Uploaded 19.October 2015