IFKS Newsletter 2013

IFKS Newsletter 2013
Thrane's "Kuhlau Biography" (Appendix)


IFKS Newsletter was published on 13th September 2013.
For members residing outside of Japan, it will be available for download from IFKS’s web site to read.

It is pdf. file.
IFKS Newsletter No.14
Please click here and read it.

for Thranes Kuhlau Biography (only in Japanese) click here.

You can download Kuhlaus Autographs, which posted in Ms. Anne Pustlauk's article : "Kuhlau Autographs in the National Library of Austria".<click>
You can listen all music of "The story of blood, sweats, and tears behind making music for the drama "William Shakespeare" by Mumeijuku". <click>
If you have courage, you can read Dr. Gorm Busk's article : "Kuhalus klaversonater og -sonatiner" in Japanese with many examples and sound sources.<click>