Drama "William Shakespeare" by Mumeijuku was over

"William Shakespeare" was over. Every day, the audience have impressed on the stage full of hot air. Of course, music of Kuhlau was full.
The following pictures are General Probe(18/5).

Fanfare, immediately after doors open
Warming Up (1) of the actors in the piano music flows
Warming Up (2) of the actors in the piano music flows
Warming Up of the actors (3) in the overture flows
Shakespeare wandering through the forest

Visit of friends from London


Titania and Alf


Shakespeare and Anna

Poaching doubt


Titania saved the crisis


Rebuke of his brother Gilbert


Praise drama "Macbeth" of friend Burbidge


Declaration of textile artisans


Textile master craftsman examination


Private conversation


The power of the wine?


Greeting of speech tone of the craftsman approval


Shakespeare delighted to dance forgiveness of marriage out by examination pass.


Thanks to God, joy of marriage






Lords and servant (Alan)


We're taken to trap hook, line and sinker!


"Abandonment of the complaint" false promises


Brother, run away!


Phantom "Macbeth" --- 3 witches


Phantom "Macbeth" --- Duncan: I am glad to have a good relatives!


Phantom "Macbeth" --- 3 witches: The tigercat crowed thrice----


Phantom "Macbeth" ---Frenzy of Mrs. Macbeth


Phantom "Macbeth" --- There is no power to defeat the Macbeth in such as a woman gave birth ---


Phantom "Macbeth" ---Macbeth perish by the sword of Magdaf




Curtain call


21. May 2013