Drama "William Shakespear" by Mumeijuku Troupe on 2013

Now that the work composed by Kuhlau-Boye, drama "William Shakespeare" will be featured in performances of "Mumeijuku" troupe. It will be staged in 18 ~ 25 May 2013. Mr. Ryoji Sugimoto was the stage director of "William Shakespeare" at the time of "Kuhlau Festival 2010 in Tokyo". By the performance of festival, he used narrators, pantomime to Shakespeares roll. But by the "Mumeijuku" troupe will be something different. How the music of Kuhlau should be used, is secret.
The libretto of this drama was written by Caspar Johannes Boye, with music of Kuhlau. Gained great success premiered at the Royal Danish Theatre on March 28, 1826, performances were held 27 times until the last 1859 years.
Boye was Danish writer. He was born in Kongsberg Norway in 1791, emigrated to Denmark in 1810 to study theology at the University of Copenhagen and became a school teacher of Jonstup in 1816 . From that time, his works came to be gradually taken up at the theater. Pastor of Søllerød in 1826, pastor of Garnison in 1847, was died by cholera in 1853.

10. February 2012