Report of the 25th IFKS Concert

The 25th IFKS Regular Concert ended on July 20, 2014 under the title “Kuhlau – visionary revives Piano Sonatas” in Kyushu Christ Church Hall in Fukuoka.
This lecture concert was finished successfully, which began 14:30 until 17:00. Of course almost IFKS members living in Fukuoka visited this concert and praised enthusiastic performance. (Curtain schedule was 16:30, but again can be a habit of lecture that does not stop when starts talk about things Kuhlau ) Miho Shimizu and Naomi Oka played neat and passionate and attracts the audience with the appeal of Kuhlau.

The program, centered on the Sonatas of mid-term from early "in order to make resurrection" which had been hidden in the Sonatinas. Process to small Sonatinas from big Sonatas, specificity of the piano sonata production of Kuhlau such as little-known, there was some people eager to take notes.

"Visionary” has two meanings, "It's not there in reality, but it appears to be" and "It's there in reality, but it is difficult to see". It was used in the sense of the latter of course is in the theme of the concert, but we wish the day comes to be called "that Sonata" instead of “ visionary (unknown) Sonata”-----

The contents of the lecture of the concert will be posted in detail in the proceedings of the IFKS Newsletter in September.