The Crrect Answer of Greeting Card 2014


Introduction and Variations for Guitar on the melody of popular Scandinavian devoted to Denmark Princess Caroline Highness by Louis Heiberg "La Danse des Ondines"

This music is dedicated to the Danish princess, Caroline by Louis Heiberg. The Ondines of "La Danse des Ondines", it will be considered to be equivalent to the Necken of "water spirit". But Swedish folk song "Neckens Polska".
Louis Heiberg = Ludvig Heiberg (Danish name) is the author of Drama "Fairy Hill". This musical value of arrangement will be leave it to everyone of your judgment, but that there was the author musical sophistication of "Fairy Hill" that you can hear. Also the reciprocating letter between Kuhlau in "Fairy Hill", Heiberg has the intrusive remarks about music. Therefore the correct answer of New Year's card question is "2. Heiberg". Now, let's hear the music. What appears to be missprint of the original score will have to play correct.

Introduction and Variations for Guitar on the Melody of popular Scandinavian
Composed by Ludvig Heiberg