IFKS出版 曲集「隠れた名曲をフルートで」『人魚の涙』
"Play hidden masterpieces with Flute" / "Mermaid Tears" published by IFKS

About "Mermaid Tears"
Since ancient times, pearls have fascinated people as precious gems due to the mystery and beauty of their production. Each song in this collection has a pearly beauty that has never been known before. So to speak, it is a treasure (masterpiece) that shines in the ocean (a huge group of works left by past composers). Mermaids are depicted in literature and paintings as being half-human and half-fish, and "pearls" have been likened to the tears shed by mermaids. For that reason, we named this songbook "Mermaid's Tears".

If you click on the cover of a song with a misprint, you can see the errata for that volume.


Arrangement and editing : Toshinori Ishihara
Whenever I come across an unknown song and wonder what kind of music it would sound like if I played it on the flute, even if it was a non-flute song, I downloaded them, rewrote the score, and listened to the sound source as a flute.The number of pieces has been exceeded by the hundreds. They were used in lessons and used as theme songs for presentations and workshops, but the IFKS directors learned about this and proposed to publish it from IFKS. However, the relationship between Kuhlau and the flute songbook and the significance of publishing it must be clarified. Therefore, I decided to put a song about Kuhlau in each volume. You can see that the first song of Volume 1 is Kuhlau's "Andantino Grazioso". The series of 6 songs entitled "Lulu Suite" will be distributed in volumes 1 to 6 respectively. Volume 3 contains the third movement of Flute Quintet No. 1, composed by Kuhlau, arranged by Anton Keyper.

 各巻の「目次ページへ<クリック>」をクリックするとその巻の音源のページに飛びます。そこには目次の曲名がありますが、赤字になっている曲はクリックするとその曲のフルート譜の第1ページが現れます。MP3のボックスの上の段はフルートとピアノの 音源、下の段はピアノのみの音源です。曲頭がフルートとピアノが同時に始まるときは前打ちの小節を入れています。
Click "Click to Table of Contents Page" for each volume to jump to the sound source page for that volume. There is a song title in the table of contents, but if you click on a song that is in red, the first page of the flute staff of that song will appear. The upper row of the MP3 box is the flute and piano sound source, and the lower row is the piano only sound source. When the flute and piano start at the same time at the beginning of a song, a one bar count-off will be provided prior to the start of the tune.

第1巻 2021.10 既刊 第1巻  The first Volume was published on October 2021.
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第2巻 2021.12 既刊 第2巻   The second Volume was published on December 2021.
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第3巻 2022.1 既刊 第3巻  The third Volume was published on January 2022.
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第4巻 2022.6 既刊 第4巻  The fourth Volume was published on June 2022.
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第5巻 2022.8 既刊 第5巻  The fifth Volume was published on August 2022.
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第6巻 2022.9 既刊 第6巻  The sixth Volume was published on September 2022.
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