New uploaded Piano pieces in "Reading and Listening"

It must be said, there is not many recordings of Kuhlau's piano pieces. One of the reason is "out of print" of music. Therefore IFKS presents here some pieces in the "Reading and Listening".
It is made with MIDI. Perhaps it is not enough musical, but you can know, how Kuhlau wrote his piano works.
The "to Index" is the link button to index of all works.


Op.1 Rondo (uploaded)
Op.26-2 Sonate (uploaded)
Op.26-3 Sonate (uploaded)
Op.34 Sonate (uploaded)
Op.46-1 (uploaded 05.07.2011)
Op.46-2 (uploaded 06.07.2011)
Op.46-3 (uploaded 14.07.2011)
Op.26-1 (uploaded 16.07.2011)
Op.52-1 (uploaded 18.07.2011)
Op.52-2 (uploaded 20.07.2011)
Op.59-1 (uploaded 22.07.2011)
Op.59-2 (uploaded 25.07.2011)
Op.59-3 (uploaded 29.07.2011)
Op.52-3 (uploaded 03.08.2011)
Op.117-1(3 Rondoletto No.1) (uploaded 04.08.2011) (This piece is recorded in IFKS-DVD-003)
Op.117-2(3 Rondoletto No.2) (uploaded 05.08.2011) (This piece is recorded in IFKS-DVD-003)
Op.117-3(3 Rondoletto No.3) (uploaded 06.08.2011) (This piece is recorded in IFKS-DVD-003)
Op.6a-1 (uploaded 03.09.2011) (This piece is recorded in IFKS CD No.3)
Op.6a-2 (uploaded 17.10.2011)
Op.6a-3 (uploaded 19.10.2011) (This piece is recorded in IFKS CD No.3)
Op.127 (uploaded 28.11.2011)
Op.30 (uploaded 7.12.2011) It is the greatest Piano Sonata of Kuhlau
Op.8a (uploaded 4.5.2012)
Op.5a (uploaded 2.5.2012)
Op.4 (uploaded 8.5.2012)

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