Big sensation!!! New found Kuhlua's Vaiation !!! DF.199

Big news came from President of IFKS Mr. Busk.
This publication is mentioned in the Dan Fog's Catalogue as Nr. 199.

Komp. vor 1816. Erstausgabe vor 1816

In Whistlings Handbuch 1817 ist S. 410 angeführt 'Variations Lorsque dans une Tour obscure' Hamburg, Vollmer.
- Ich habe kein Exemplar finden können.
(Dan Fog : Kompositionen von F. Kuhlau Thematisch-bibliographischer Katalog)1977

This score was considered as lost until now. This discovery is a credit to Dr. Busk. He had inquired to various libraries about the "Variations" of Kuhlau. Mr. François-Pierre Goy in the National Library of France has helped Dr. Busk.
Variations on this theme: Romance "Lorsque dans une Tour obscure" in the opera "Prisonnier" of Della Maria.
This opera had been staged in Hamburg that time.
Pierre-Antoine-Dominique Della-Maria (1769-1800)
It will become apparent Kulau's activity of his Humburger-time, and also relationship with Schwenke.

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20. September 2013
Toshinori Ishihara