Sensation!!! New found Kuhlua's manuscripts !!!

Big news came from President of IFKS Mr. Busk. That some unknown manuscripts of Kuhlau has been found by Austrian National Library. Op.109 "3 Rondos für Klavier", op. 102 "Duo für 2 Flöten", and op. 81 "Duo für 2 Flöten" contains in it. Existence of Kuhlaus manuscript is very few, it is a treasure trove if this is real. It is great interest, whether true the flute duet of op.80 and 81 written in Vienna? Music at the bottom is the first page of the first flute of op.81-1.
For more information later on I will inform you.
2. June 2013
Toshinori Ishihara

Miss Anne Pustlauk, who is a flutist that have been the Assistent of Dr. Kuijken and Frank Theuns at the Royal Conservatory Brussels, discovered this manuscript. She said, while collecting material for Doctor thesis "The flute between the Boehm flute and Traverso Flute" to be "bumped". "gestoßen = in German"
It is very interesting, why is there a manuscript of the extracted parts of Kuhlau. I thougt longtime that "Kuhlau had submited his score to the publisher, then publisher transferred to part sheet from the score". It should be no need to create a part sheet. If Kuhlau had composed direct part sheet, it may be said that this had been blessed with a special talent. Because it is supposed, any composer composes his work first time with score.
Dr. Busk said as follows in this regard.
"Kuhlau have composed in the first score, then made copie of part sheet, afterward he had sent to publischer only part sheet."
Then where is the score, which he wrote? ------- We can not find it.
Probably because of burned down for fire of the 5th February 1831.
It is believed that this work op.81 and op.80, "6 Duos for Flute" were composed in Vienna in 1825. This is because there is only this piece as "Flute Duos" that was published after that time.

Trois Duos pour 2 Flútes, composés par F. Kuhlau
- Oeuvre 81. -

Flauto 1mo

It became apparent in the discovery of this time in which Farrenc company of Paris might own manuscript of op.81. And the National Library of Vienna had purchased from Köhler antiquary (used book store?) on December 3, 1940. The photograph above is the lower half of the cover of op.81. (A.F122) is the number of Farrenc, Jacques Hyppolite Aristide (1797-1865) and of (library number?). Op.80 & 81 are a joint publication of N. Simrock co. in Bonn and A. Farrenc co in Paris. It is not known, how Köhler antiquary got this part sheet in any circumstances. Miss Anne Pustlauk (this time, she became a member of IFKS) will write a document in the proceeding IFKS newsletter in September. Please see the newsletter for more information.
10. June 2013
Toshinori Ishihara