Upload of Kuhlau's Variations for Piano was over!

Kuhlau's Piano Variations (for 2 hands) are now all available for download. It took almost half a year from December 2012 to complete this project. Previous pieces can only be played with QuickTime and MIDI, but all Variations are also in MP3 format. Some of the Variations of Kuhlau are included in CDs sold on market, but no one has played all of them.

During the creation of this Variations, I was able to come to contact with some "unknown" Variations. In some cases, I was amazed to find such beautiful melody but there were also instances when I was wondered why he would compose such music. I again came to realize that the works of Kuhlau are a mixture of wheat and chaff.

There are many great works in the Variations. Please enjoy the "treasure hunt".

Note that lost works do not have "OK" on the right hand column.

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Toshinori Ishihara
30 April 2013