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Greeting from administrative direktor / Toshinori Ishihara

Preface to Piano score of "William Shakespeare" / Georg St. Bricka

"Die heile Welt" / András Adorján

Introduce of the forthcoming book. / “Kuhlau-Handbuch für Flötisten” by R. M=Dombois

Das 2. Kuhlau Festival in Tokyo 2015 / Henrik Svitzer

Kuhlau's bust comes to Aoyama! / Toshinori Ishihara

The Concert of Kuhlau's Piano Concerto Op. 7, the Premier in Japan? / Toshinori Ishihara

About the Appendix of Newsletter No. 17 / "Comische Canons" by Kuhlau / Toshinori Ishihara

Information of the publishing “RONDOS AND OTHER PIANO PIECES”

Voice of members (Japanese)

Voice of performers of the 29th IFKS concert (Japanese)

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