The 22nd & 23rd IFKS Concert

IFKS 2 concerts will be held in the fall of this year.
These concerts are being performed according to the publication of Kuhlau "Piano Sonatas".

The 22nd IFKS Concert : 30. October 2012
The 23rd IFKS Concert : 26. November 2012

Place : Suginami Koukaidou Small Hall
Time : 19:00~

30. October 2012
Performer :
Piano:Junko Ieki Op.46-2
Piano:Konomi Ibuki Op.127
Piano:Akira Imai Op.4
Piano:Miyuki Washimiya

26. November 2012
Performer :
Piano:Akira Imai Op.5a
Piano:Kyoko Kato Op.6a-2
Piano:Kanako Shioiri Op.46-3
Piano:Kikuko Shibata Op.26-2


(Toshinori Ishihara, 16. October 2012)