Report of the 26th IFKS Concert "Music of Fairy Hill"

IFKS 26th concert was held on the 25. October 2014.
"The Temptation of Fairys" ~ from the
Music of Drama "Fairy Hill"

Place : IMA Hall in Nerima (Tokyo)
Time : 18:00~20:10

It was played the 26th IFKS regular concert. Costumes of women player was decided, to wear a dress of the "fairy color". It became a problem. What kind of fairy color in the first place? There were also those who are worried, If they choose black and become the "witch". But its fulli of color as a result was served with flowers on the stage.

From the program note ------
Stevns in Denmark, there is legend of fairy king. He has beautiful fairy daughters around him, lives in underground. He looks the human from the darkness of the world, protecting treasures that was robbed. Night after night fairy daughters come to the hill and dance. The young men who were fascinated by the dancing and the singing voice will lose their lives deprived of soul.

The drama "Fairy Hill" : The German born Friedrich Kuhlau (1786-1832) was the most famous Danish composer of his time. The music for ELVERHØJ is a mixture of Danish and Swedish folk songs and his own music and was composed in 1828 as incidental music to the romantic drama by the Danish poet Johan Ludwig Heiberg.  
The story is partly based on historical facts and local legends and takes place in the reign of the popular Danish King Christian IV (1588-1648). The idea of the drama is to contrast Christian IV with the legendary Elf King in Southern Zealand, thus mixing reality with the supernatural, and including two pairs of lovers finally united.

This drama has been completed in collaboration of Heiberg and Kuhlau, begins with the overture of the orchestra, solo, duet, chorus and ballet liven up this fantastic story. Kuhlau has composed the music in about 3 months since he received this script. Fusion of folk songs and his music is exquisite.

Today's concert theme is "The temptation of fairy ~ from Drama "Fairy Hill". So today's program is a collection of works the melody that was used in the music of the "Fairy Hill", the various composers (including himself). -------

Program :

August Martin Canthal - Toshinori Ishihara Potpourri of Fairy Hill Flute Quartett
Carl Schwarz Hunters Chorus Variation Piano Solo
Friedrich Kuhlau op. 102-2 2 Flutes
Friedrich Kuhlau Flute Sonate op.64-II Flute & Piano
Anton Berhard Fürstenau Elverhøy Variation op. 72 Flute & Piano
Julius Röntgen Neckens Polska Variation, op. 11 Piano Solo
Fr. Kuhlau - Toke Lund Christiansen Elverhøj-Dance Musik Flute Orch. & Piano

Performer :
Flute:Hideaki Sakai, Shigenori Kudo, Rikio Arai, Noriko Yoneyama, Hiroko Ono, Yoko Kasai, Misa Ogawa
and IFKS Members
Piano:Konomi Ibuki, Maya Asano
Conductor:Toshinori Ishihara

1. August Martin Canthal - Toshinori Ishihara:Potpourri of Fairy Hill
Noriko Yoneyama, Yoko Kasai, Misa Ogawa, Hiroko Ono
This arrangement had been distributed to members as an appendix of the 2014 IFKS newsletter. In addition. Canthal's original is Flute alone.
This music decided to be published by Svitzer Edition of Denmark.
It was the Japan premiere.

Noriko Yoneyama
yoko Kasai
Misa Ogawa
Hiroko Ono

2. Carl Schwarz:Hunters Chorus Variation(Konomi Ibuki)
Japan premiere

Konomi Ibuki
was finished

3. Friedrich Kuhlau:Duo for Flutes op. 102-2(Shigenori Kudo, Hideaki Sakai)
Attention gorgeous DUO. ---was brillant and superb! ! !

Shigenori Kudo & Hideaki Sakai

4. Friedrich Kuhlau:Flute Sonate op.64-II(Shigenori Kudo & Konomi Ibuki)

Shigenori Kudo & Konomi Ibuki

5. Anton Berhard Fürstenau:Elverhøy Variation op. 72(HIdeaki Sakai & Konomi Ibuki)

HIdeaki Sakai & Konomi Ibuki

6. Julius Röntgen:Neckens Polska Variation, op. 11(Maya Asano)
Japan premiere

Maya Asano

7. Fr. Kuhlau - Toke Lund Christiansen : Elverhøj-Dance Musik(All members, Conductor: Toshinori Ishihara)

Conductor appears?
Audience dumbfounded
Conductor intention of "Fairy King"
Performance which has not been well known to musicians
Crown take off, and also cape off
Place on the podium
Emergency playing!


Please refer to the "Fairy Hill" of the real thing next year.

26. 10. 2014