Report - Training Camp for Uelzen Concert (August 22 to 24 / 2014)

It was a busy year for IFKS this year, such as Publication of Kuhlau’s “Piano Variations”, but another big event will have ahead for us. November, it will be held “Uelzen Tour” to appreciate the opera "Lulu" performance. We have also opportunity to play Flute-Ensemble in the St. Maria Church. So we had a training camp at Yatsugatake. The training camp continued everyday practice, practice, lunch, practice, dinner... practice. Finally the conductor was called “ONI” = "demon!" (by one of players named “A” from Fukuoka), ... a voice from somewhere "No More Kuhlau!"
However, at last moment became watchword "Yes More Kuhlau!“. And we have sured each other “How we love Kuhlau”. We will deliver Kuhlau with our best to Uelzen.
It seems to have thought the conductor who was still referred to as a "ONI=demon" and had been much referred to as the "ONI-SAN=big brother".

"haimu-de-pauze", why "de"
There is a such person in the world !
Plate stand against

Heim der Pause (main haous)
Practice house
Rehearsal in practice house
Rehearsal in hall (A)
Rehearsal in hall (B)
The traitor
Slogans of "Yes More Kuhlau"

Uploaded 26. August 2014