Portraite of Kuhlau

To imagine Kuhllau's appearance, figure, charachter, must depend on his portraites or articles in his days. But there is not so much materials. Let's try to collect as it posible.


Horneman, Christian (1765-1844) Pstel
Bærenzen, Emilius Ditlev (1799-1868)
Wiehe, carl Wilhelm (1788-1867)
Fehr, Ludwig (Louis), sen (?-?)
Vantore, H. C. (?-?) Miniature
Earliest Day
Georg St. Bricka Illustlation in "William Shakespeare" Vocl score
Rudoph Wessel co. In Musik of Op.119
Illustlation in Cover of "Kuhlau's Letters" edeted by Gorm Busk
Kuhlau and Heiberg, who take a walk in "Alley of Lover"
Lithograph, presented by Mr. András Adorján



Statue in the old Royal Theater in Copenhagen.
Relief at the Wall of the old City Hall in Uelzen

Descriptions of appearance, figure, charachter

Testmony In the Book of Luise Heiberg "Reminiscences"
Preface of "William Shakespeare" Bricka