Adagio und Allegro con brio (Sonate?) from Keyper's Collection DF.194

This Work is Kuhlau’s, delieved by Anton Keyper's copy in his folder collection. It is rewritten the modern music from manuscript score of disciple Keyper of Kuhlau (dated December 24, 1820). It is the music of introduction and the sonata form. The composed year is unknown. It is not clear whether that was composed as the first movement of any sonata music, or that would be used to materials of composition for Keyper.
This work “Adagio und Allegro con brio” is registered as DF.Nr.194 in Dan Fog’s catalog.
Phrasing, dynamic is not written. Dynamic of the sound source is the interpretation of Mr. Tossy.

ダン・フォグはAdagio und Allegro con brio, Nr.194としています。

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Anton Keyper's Handwriting


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