Read & Listen "Piano Sonatas"

KUHLAU'S PIANO SONATAS (included SONATINAS) (all 38 works) Click red letter. You can listen with Quicktime and Midi. "OK" in MP3, you can listen also with MP3.
Op.Nr. Tonality Comp.Year Pub.Year Publisher Kuhlau "Piano Sonatas"
Band of IFKS
Op.4 Es 1810 1810 Breitkopf & Härtel I OK
Op.5a d 1810-11 1812 Breitkopf & Härtel II OK
Op.6a-1 a ? 1808-10 Geoffroi Vollmer I OK
Op.6a-2 D       I OK
Op.6a-3 F       I OK
Op.6b D 1811-12 1812 Breitkopf & Härtel II  
Op.8a a ca.1812 1814 Breitkopf & Härtel II OK
Op.127(16) Es before 1820 1833 Lose II OK
Op20-1 C ca. 1819 1820 Breitkopf & Härtel   OK
Op20-2 G         OK
Op20-3 F         OK
Op.26-1 G 1820 1821 N. Simrock III OK
Op.26-2 C       III OK
Op.26-3 Es       III OK
Op.30 B 1820-21 1821 Breitkopf & Härtel III OK
Op.34 G 1821 Wien 1822 Breitkopf & Härtel IV OK
Op.46-1 G ca. 1822 1823 A. Cranz IV OK
Op.46-2 d       IV OK
Op.46-3 C       IV OK
Op.52-1 F ca. 1822 1823 H. A. Probst IV OK
Op.52-2 B       IV OK
Op.52-3 A       IV OK
Op.55-1 C 1823 1823.12 Richter, Bechmann & Milde   OK
Op.55-2 G         OK
Op.55-3 C         OK
Op.55-4 F         OK
Op.55-5 D         OK
Op.55-6 C         OK
Op.59-1 A ca. 1824 1824.10 A. Cranz   OK
Op.59-2 F         OK
Op.59-3 C         OK
Op.60-1 F ca. 1825 1825 A. Cranz   OK
Op.60-2 A         OK
Op.60-3 C         OK
Op.88-1 C 1827 1827 Lose   OK
Op.88-2 G         OK
Op.88-3 a         OK
Op.88-4 F         OK

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